Asakusa – Top 10 Japanese Souvenirs

Wondering what Japanese souvenirs to buy your loved one? Look no further.

January 18 – TBS (a Japanese TV station), asked 203 foreigners in Asakusa Tokyo,
“What souvenir did you buy today?”

Here is the Top 10 Most Popular Responses…

No. 1 Jikatabi – ninja shoes (Click the image to find at Amazon)

Japanese souvenirs Asakusa 1

No.2 Chochin – Japanese lantern decoration
Japanese souvenirs Asakusa 2

No. 3 Toy Katana – Japanese sword
Asakusa souvenirs 3

No. 4 Kimono / Yukata (casual kimono) – Japanese traditional wear
(Click the image to find yukata sets at Rakuten Global Market)

Asakusa souvenirs 4   Asakusa souvenirs 4 Asakusa souvenirs 4     icon
No. 5 Trunks – Japanese print boxer shorts

Asakusa souvenirs 5

No. 6 Ningyo yaki – Famous Asakusa snack

Asakusa souvenirs 6

No. 7 Setta – Japanese thongs/flip flops (Click the image to find at Amazon)

Asakusa souvenirs 7

No. 8 Edo kiriko glass – Old Tokyo style shaped glass
(Click the image to find at Amazon)

Asakusa souvenirs 8

No. 9 Gundam figures

Asakusa souvenirs 9      Massive Gundam on sale here. And original Japanese Godzilla is here.

No. 10 Shichimi togarashi – 7 mixed spices
Asakusa souvenirs 10


Aren’t we all happy little ninjas on the inside!?
Guess you know what you want.

3 Responses to “Asakusa – Top 10 Japanese Souvenirs”

  1. Marie says:

    I sure am a little Ninja on the inside…
    Interesting post! I would have bought those Ninja shoes… and given them a trial Ninja Hashiri right there in Asakusa…

  2. LIVEJAPAN says:

    They said that the ninja shoes have big gaijin sizes. I’ll see you there for 1lap race of Senso-ji.

  3. Marie says:

    You’re on!

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