Ginza – Top 10 Japanese Souvenirs

Japanese souvenirs are highly thought after by foreign travelers.
“Ranking no Paradise” on TBS (a Japanese TV station) went to Ginza, one of the biggest citys in Tokyo today. They asked 210 Foreigners, “What souvenir did you buy today?”.

Here is the Top 10…

No. 1 Tenshin Amaguri – sweet roasted chestnuts

Ginza souvenirs 1


No. 2 Sony Earphones – Ginza has a big Sony Building

Ginza souvenirs 2


No. 3 Big bag of Okaki – rice crackers
Ginza japanese souvenirs 3


No. 4 Keshouhin – Japanese made cosmetics

Ginza souvenirs 4


No. 5 Ohashi – chopsticks (Click the image to find chopsticks at Amazon)

Ginza japanese souvenirs 5


No. 6 Washi Zaiku – Japanese paper craft

Ginza souvenirs 6


No. 7 Cashmere muffler – Cashmere scarf

Ginza souvenirs 7


No. 8 Anpan – bean paste bun

Ginza souvenirs 8


No. 9 A stuffed Octo”pass” – Octopus helps to pass exams??

Ginza souvenirs 9


No. 10 Nihonshu – Japanese sake

Ginza souvenirs 10

3 Responses to “Ginza – Top 10 Japanese Souvenirs”

  1. Marie says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever bought any of these souvenirs… except maybe for the chopsticks.

  2. LIVEJAPAN says:

    next time you can.
    I’m thinking of taking the JLPT Level 2 exam this year, so I will purchase an octo “pass”.

  3. Marie says:

    Should get myself one of those, too, then. Want to pass the Kanji Kentei, too.

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