Cha mise / Cha ya – Japanese tea shop

This is the “cha mise” at “Kinkaku-ji”, the Golden Temple in Kyoto.

kinkakuji cha mise


And this is Mizutani chaya at the Nara Koen Park.

Nara_Mizutani-chaya1024     (photo from Wikipedia)

Cha mise (Tea shop) is the combination of the word cha meaning tea and mise meaning shop.

A cha mise serves both traditional Japanese powdered green tea “maccha”, cha gashi (wagashi), a traditional sweet treat (served during a Japanese tea ceremony)  and some light meals as well.


2000maccha momiji mochi     2000 maccha dango


Since the 1400’s, weary travellers from all over Japan would welcome the sight of a cha mise,

often found at Temples, Shrines, Castles, big parks, and also along Japan’s main roads.


cha mise japanese tea 1880     (photo from

Taken around 1880. A chamise in an unknown park during cherry brossom season.


cha ya japanese tea shop edo meiji

Taken around 1860. Ladies at tea time.


Centuries have passed, the world has changed,

but the simple feeling of joy for the exhausted traveller on the discovery of a cha mise remains as it was,

like the taste of Maccha nothing has changed…


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