SHOSENKYO – autumn leaves

Here comes the autumn leaves season.

Enjoying the seasons is Japanese culture. I think it is incorporated into the genes of Japanese people.

Especially when cherry blossom and autumn leaves season is close,

we Japanese become filled with excitement.

Lots of magazines, newspapers, and TV programs have

their own original cheerry blossoms / autumn leaves site spot ranking with

all of us visiting these places and saying with joy,

“Haru dane” (Spring has come, hasn’t it) , “Aki dane”(Autumn has come, hasn’t it).


I went to SHOSENKYO in Yamanashi prefecture this autumn.

shosenkyo red leaves     shosenkyo water fall     shosenkyo mt fuji


Aki dane —.

Somehow this place did not feature in the rankings this year but it is a really beautiful place.

One of the National Site’s of Scenic Beauty.

Shosenkyo’s scenic area covers a wide range from low to high altitude.

Sometimes due to unseasonal weather the season is short lived and we miss the chance ,

so a place like Shosenkyo is good to visit, as it viewing season is quite long.


Don’t forget to eat Hoh-toh there.

(Yamanashi prefecture’s local cuisine – very thick & wide udon noodle in thick miso taste soup)



(webcam screen shot)  Click the webcam screen shot to view the live Shosenkyo


SHOSENKYO web site

ADDRESS :    Takanari machi, Kofu, Yamanashi

TEL :               055-287-2158

HOURS :         9:00-17:30.

FEE:                 There is  a cable car,  it costs Adult 1,000Yen,  Child 500Yen,

VISITING:      For autumn leaves, end of October to end of November would be good

BUSES:            from Shinjuku Station (one of a big terminal station in Tokyo),

“Tokkyu Azusa” express train to Kofu station about 1 hour and half.

from Kofu station South exit Bus stop NO.3, take bus to SHOSENKYO GUCHI about 30 minutes.



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