A tip to cook pasta in 1 minute from Tameshite Gatten – a Japanese TV program


My favourite TV program  “Tameshite Gatten” (on channel NHK in Japan) has made my life a bit better again!! The name roughly translates to “try and understand” and has been solving the answers to small life matters with scientific experimentations for 19 years (2013 now).

Subjects are usually like “try this if you want to have a deep sleep till morning”, or “how to make a cheap piece of beef taste like expensive, good beef?” and always give viewers small ideas which are extremely worth a try.


tameshitegatten title (photo from NHK Tameshite Gatten Website)


Well, I love spaghetti, I don’t mind having it 3 times a day, 365days a year. I always have a dried packet or two in the pantry.

But cooking it is a hassle to be honest … I need lots of hot water be ready to cook, most brands take around 10 minutes to boil, Yes, I can cook sauce during this time but still, after 10 minutes on the stove, the pot handles are so hot and burn my hands …

I was always wondering if there is an easier, faster, better way to cook.


Tameshite Gatten has solved it.
The solution is … Soak dried pasta in water beforehand!! Hooray, too easy!!

If your spaghetti is
1.4 milimetres thick, soak for about 1hour.
1.7 millimetres, about 1hour and half.
1.9 millimetres, about 2hours.
Just soak it in water, then Sui Sui Pasta (Tameshite Gatten named) will be ready to cook.

Boiling time of this is only 1 – 2 minutes. (try it to find your best timing)


I tried this tip and I was eating pasta in 2 minutes!! The texture was slightly better than usual. I didn’t need to prepare the same amount of hot water as boiling dry spaghetti, because it is already soft and wet, easily sinks in less amount of water. Less cooking time ensured that the pot handle wasn’t too hot, no more burning hands!

And the best thing is, if you have already decided to have pasta for a meal, you can prepare beforehand. Then when the time comes, just 2 minutes to serve. Perfect for the times that your husband and kiddies are out and no idea when they will come back so hungry, How good is that!!

According to Tameshite Gatten, it is possible because of thermal conductivity.

You can keep it in the fridge for around 3 days. If you drain and freeze it, it will be OK for about 1month in the freezer.

This was about spaghetti but would be OK for any kind of pasta with time soaked in water.


Thanks Tameshite Gatten!

I love you Shinosuke and Fumie (presenters)!



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