Sapporo Food

Sapporo is famous for its fresh seafood. Crab, scallops, and salmon are popular ingredients here, with most dishes based around their natural flavors.

Nijo Fish Market opens at 7 AM, and is the place for everything fresh. Start the day with donburi – a bowl of rice topped with your choice of seafood. Uni (sea urchin), and Ikura (salmon eggs) are popular with the locals.

Ramen (noodles in soup) is eaten by almost everyone, with Sapporo Ramen arguably the best in Japan. It has a miso based soup, and the noodles are alot thicker than served in the rest of Japan.

sapporo food ramen alley


Ramen Yokocho or Ramen Alley is the place that attracts most hungry tourists. It has over 20 ramen shops which are usually busy in the evening. If it smells good, it will taste good. Trust your nose.

If seafood is not your thing, then head out for Genghis Kahn. It`s a lamb barbecue named after the Mongolian warrior, and is unique to Hokkaido. It is especially popular at beer halls throughout the city. Where you can find their own original sauces, in which the lamb is either marinated or dipped after grilling. It is food for the hungry! Most restaurants offer an all you can eat menu, at a very reasonable price.


Sapporo food Genghis Kahn


Wash it down with a beer.

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