LIVE JAPAN …travel Japan on webcam…  started in 2007

to introduce beautiful Japanese live sights to the world.

In Japan, the 4 seasons bring totally different views,

we see cherry blossoms, fireworks, festivals, autumn leaves, and snowy towns on our list of cams.

Our list also has a lot of famous sight seeing spots so you can travel Japan on webcam.

Since we started this, 2 big earthquakes smashed the Hokuriku area (north Chubu) and Tohoku

which still are heavily impacting the locals lives,

but they are tough and still smiling the recovery is impressive.

(Thanks very much for your wave of support, world !)

Even after the damage, Japan is always beautiful,

Japanese are a bit shy but always kind, beautiful and interesting.

Hope you enjoy the view on the webcams and our posts about Japan.

If you like them, come to Japan!

Hooray we will have Rugby World Cup in 2019, and Olympics in 2020.

They will be fun!!


About us


I am a Japanese woman.

After few years of life overseas, I realised how beautiful Japan is

and how much I love it.

I design and edit the LIVE JAPAN series of websites

and also post articles on LIVE JAPAN A to Z.

An Australian who is my partner often pops up to post articles as well.



PENTAX Image   @ Nahra Waterfall in Iriomote island Okinawa