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There are more than 30,000 "Oinari san", Inari Shrines in Japan. They have a red Torii gate as the entrance to the sacred area and statues of white foxes, which are messengers from "Inari", the shinto god of ...


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Here comes the autumn leaves season. Enjoying the seasons is Japanese culture. I think it is incorporated into the genes of Japanese people. Especially when cherry blossom and autumn leaves season is close, we ...

SHOSENKYO – autumn leaves

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There are lots of Temples in Kyoto but this is one of my favorites. The SANJUSANGENDO was originally built by the Emperor Goshirakawa (1126-91) in 1164. It burnt down and was rebuilt in 1266. It is located 15 ...


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  I woke up this morning and saw light snow flakes falling. It was the first real snow of the year, it covered my small garden in a thin blanket of snow. Seeing snow fall in Tokyo is always a treat for me, as ...

Snow in Tokyo

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Sapporo is famous for its fresh seafood. Crab, scallops, and salmon are popular ingredients here, with most dishes based around their natural flavors. Nijo Fish Market opens at 7 AM, and is the place for everything fresh. ...

Sapporo Food

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