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  My favourite TV program  "Tameshite Gatten" (on channel NHK in Japan) has made my life a bit better again!! The name roughly translates to "try and understand" and has been solving the answers to small life ...

A tip to cook pasta in 1 minute from Tameshite Gatten – a Japanese TV program

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Typhoon season is on again in Japan.     photo from Digital Typhoon   When a storm's maximum wind speed is over 64 knots ( 33 metres per second), if it is east of the date line in Pacific ocean, or in ...

Typhoon in Japan

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This is the "cha mise" at "Kinkaku-ji", the Golden Temple in Kyoto.   And this is Mizutani chaya at the Nara Koen Park.      (photo from Wikipedia) Cha mise (Tea shop) is the combination of the word ...

Cha mise / Cha ya – Japanese tea shop

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