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Wondering what Japanese souvenirs to buy your loved one? Look no further. January 18 – TBS (a Japanese TV station), asked 203 foreigners in Asakusa Tokyo, “What souvenir did you buy today?” Here is the Top 10 ...

Asakusa – Top 10 Japanese Souvenirs

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Golden Week is here again. It is a Japanese term applied to the period containing the following public holidays. 29th April =Shouwa no hi (Birthday of Shouwa Emperor Hirohito) 3rd May = Kenpou Kinen bi (Constitution ...

Golden Week in Japan (flowers)

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Sapporo is famous for its fresh seafood. Crab, scallops, and salmon are popular ingredients here, with most dishes based around their natural flavors. Nijo Fish Market opens at 7 AM, and is the place for everything fresh. ...

Sapporo Food

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Cherry Blossom season has come and gone for us in Tokyo, but as always it was a lovely time of year. Their season is usually from end of March to early April. And I believe it's the best time of the year to visit ...

Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

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